Sunday, June 18, 2017

Attack On Titan Season 2 Final Thoughts

The most anticipated and hyped anime has come to a end. Attack on Titan season 2 was one of the spring season best anime. From the first episode to the last it did not hold back on the blood shed and deaths.

The first half of the series see the group trying to plug up a hole in  the wall only to find out that not only Ymir is a titan but Reiner and Berthold tare titans as well. The later half sees the group trying to get Eren back after Reiner and Bertholdt kidnaps him and a unconscious Ymir reason are vaguely explained in the show.

The last episode basically see everybody trying to dodge titans that Reiner is throwing at the group in his titan form in order to kill anybody trying to stop him getting Eren back (at this point the group gotten him back) People dying and getting injured from the titans and Eren and Mikasa confronting the titan that ate Eren's mom.  Hannes showed up and decided to take revenge on Erens behalf seeing how he's still tied up and Mikasa is still injured. Mikasa end up untying Eren and Eren tries to go into titan form but for some reason can't this time. Of course Hannes had to be the last (important) death of the show because the titan ended up killing him.

All seem lost and while Mikasa give her exposition to Eren while he down and out  on why he give her hope and what not, This motivates him once more and he decides to take on the titan in his human form because fuck logic i guess. Somehow this works and he gains some weird new titan super power that  ables him to control all the titans in the area as they stop attacking everybody and eats the titan that killed his mom and Hannes. During that time everybody decides to get the fuck out of there

Reiner wasn't having any of it though and decides to chase but Eren with his new titan power has the titan attack Reiner. Later in the episode we see a recovering Ewrin who has a beard for some reason with Levi and Pixis in a room when Hange and Connie enters. Hange tells everybody the shocking discovery she made when she researched Connies home town. The titans were residents of Connie home town meaning the titans are human. Of course Connie is in shock because this prove that titan on his house was him mom. Levi ask was all his years wasted killing nothing but humans but Hange said that it was just a theory for now.

The show ends with the group on a wall in uniform with exposition about how the residents from wall Maria has only a week left of food and the person who is operating the giant gorilla titan coming out of it. We still don't know who it is though as they only showed a shadow of the person.


Unlike season 2 we won't have to wait long for season 3 as season 3 was announced for 2018. This was better than season one but for it to have only 12 episode it was amazing and did a good job at adapting the manga. I still do think Ymir, Bertholdt, and Reiner being titans is lazy writing but the whole Titans are human do put a interesting twist on everybody killing them freely.

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  1. I loved this season! I just wished Levi had some more badass moments but unfortunately he was out of commission. The last episode was so epic! When Eren broke down, that really got me straight in the feels.