Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Anime Season 2017 first impressions part 1

With the Winter season over its time to usher in the Spring anime season and it has started off with a bang.

as always you can check whats airing here or here

Attack On Titan season 2/ Shingeki no Kyojin season 2

The one everyone's been waiting for, for about a billion years has finally aired its season two and it wasted no time getting back to the action. This was met with a bit of controversy from a small handful of AOT/SNK fans because instead of having 24-26 episode  it will have only 12 and that pissed them off. Either way im glad its back and it looks like its going to be a very good season. Also more weirdly shaped and meme filed titans.

Kyoukai No Rinne Season 3

Takahashi has a strong fan base seeing how this manage to get a season 3 in this day and age. Nothing much happen in the first episode of season 3 typical hi jinx and what not ,but what we can expect from this season is a actual fucking Villain and not rivals this time.

The Royal Tutor/Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine

This anime kinda surprised me because i wasn't expecting it to be this funny. It follow a small  tutor name Heine Wittgenstein who is tasked with the poor job of teaching the kings four sons, The Von Grannzreich Brothers. The first episode was funny Heine tries to teach them but Leonhard one of the Von Grannzreich bro's tried to lead a revolt but the bro's had other thing to do thus leading Heine to try to teach him . Heine eventually blackmails him into taking a popquiz but reward him with his favorite sweets. I will have my eye on this show. Also did the person who animated diabolik lovers animated this because while i was watching the animation was way to simular to DL idk maybe it just me.


Another interesting show,it made by the same person who made Black Lagoon.  The first episode was very action pact  from the start. This anime asked the question "what if your favorite anime characters came to the real world and started beating the shit out of each other?'. It has a FSN feel to it as the main character Souta mangages to bring his favorite anime character Celestia Yupitilia to the real world only to have Gunpuku no Himegimi  a mysterious woman who is able to wield a million swords at once. Both of them duke it out in the first episode until another character intervenes. The fights in this show are well animated and the sound track to this show is very good.

Frame Arms Girl 

Busou Shinki but with a femal lead  and more fighting. That what this anime is bascially. Its based off the toyline of the same name it follows 16 year old Ao Gennai who recevies one of these dolls named Gourai. She first assumed it was a gift from her dad for entering High School but it was given to her buy the company to test out how Gourai operates. This anime Uses CG for the Dolls and regular animation for Ao. The fights between Gourai and Sylet was ok but the CG was kinda distracting. So far its a good show mostly for the fights.

Pt 2 coming soon.

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